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My hope is that musicians and those in the making, will have tools here to basically, jam. I have had such fun improvising, and listening to others do the same, that I wanted to plant those seeds in beginning musicians.

I started out playing saxophone, then, when my new school didn't have band, but orchestra, I started the violin. That 'screeched' to a halt, when I moved up a grade, to a school that did have band.

What really piqued my interest, was learning that sheet music contained chords, over which I could play music from my own mind.

Concert band, jazz band, marching band, orchestra, and personal singing molded me, sometimes painfully, into a promising musician.

I finally decided to put it all down on a site, and learn how to build a website as well. Please work through your musical issues, to get to the joy of creating music.

Also, remember that money and fame aren't music, but that music does come from the heart.

Thanks for reading this site, and I hope you enjoyed playing music! I'll keep the site on the net for as long as the server lets me!

Sharp Flat Practice

note: the answers are the names of keys

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