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Fingering Charts: Learn fingerings for piano, guitar, band, voice, cello, violin
Sharp Flat Rule: Key Signature, Scales, fcgdaeb, beadgcf
Triads: make a Chord with Notes to Play, Major, minor
Modes: Lydian Ionian Mixolydian Dorian Aeolian Phrygian Locrian Key
Intervals: Chord, Triad, Perfect, Major, minor, Augmented + , diminished - , Scale
Fast Forward Music >>: Minor: Relative Parallel - Pentatonic: Major/Minor Major Scales Key Sharp Flat Triad Chord
Table of Contents Table of Contents
Page 2: Learn Music how Half and Whole Steps (Between Notes) Make a Scale, Sound: G, A Flat Sharp Natural
Page 3: Music Scale Key method, Sharp Flat Rule, fcgdaeb bc ef, natural
Page 4: Scales from Sharp Flat rule, Octave and more Triad Learning
Page 5: Improvisation Melody over Triad Chord Changes with Rhythm Beats
Page 6: Guitar Tab Guitar Chords Beat Division Duration Finger Training Music Interpretation
Page 7: Measures Bars Barline Triplet Circle Fifths Major Relative minor
Page 8: Intervals Thirds Fifths Scale Practice Piece Composition Practicing Key Triads Tabs Sharps Major Notes
Page 9: Orchestration Soprano Alto Tenor Bass Dynamics Accents Vibrato Trill Roll Grace Note Glissando Turn Mordent Crescendo Decrescendo
Page 10: Minor: Relative Parallel - Pentatonic: Major Minor Scale
Tools of Sound: Vibration, Intervals, Tuning, Practicing
Sheet Music: Note, Whole, Half, Quarter, Eighth, Staff
Rests in Sheet Music: Whole Half Quarter Eighth, Count Beat Measure
Rhythm1: Quarter Eighth Note, Count Beat
Time Signatures: Common Beats Rhythm, Quarter Eighth Note
Rhythm Basics: Four and Three Wholes are Divided into Half, Quarter, Eighth - Notes and Rests
Key Signatures: Sharp Flat
Treble and Bass Clefs Treble Bass Clef Middle C Ledger Lines
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Sound Waves Pitch, Duration, and Loudness of a Sound Wave